Turkish Delight

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Istanbul is by far the jewel of Turkey, if not the Near East – not sure if I’d go so far as to say that it is a cross between Asia and Europe though – not quite sure what Euro-philes mean when they say that anyway, but it felt more ‘Modern’ than many European cities I’ve … Read More


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      Somehow I had lost my bus ticket I bought yesterday.  I went back to the ticket office and even though the agent didn’t speak the same language, he seemed to understand that I had lost my ticket and replaced it at no cost or fuss… Turkish hospitality at its best.       Riding … Read More


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  ‘Come, come whoever you are, whether you be fire-worshipers, idolaters, or pagans. Ours is not the dwelling place of despair. All who enter will receive a welcome here.’   the inscription on the entrance sign to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul is a perfect quote for Turkey.  The people are inviting, the country magical, … Read More