Africa’s Camelot

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Gondar Castles

So maybe the Lonely Planet romanticises this place a bit by calling it Africa’s Camelot, but it also is much better than I was led to believe by other expats.  First, if you like architecture and aren’t like most ‘fly-by-seen-it-check-it’ visitors who refuse to pay 5 bucks for a guide, you’ll love this place.  Check this pic of one of the old castles which has Mughal, Moorish, and BC-era Ethiopian features.  To me it felt like an African version of Fatehpur Sikri (although most of the detail is gone because of attacks by Sudanese Deverishes, occupying Italians, and British bombers…)  Best part about Gondar was just hanging out in the afternoon and evenings in the cafes – They got the best Macciato’s here! 


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