Book Review: Hitching Rides with Buddha

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Hitching Rides with Buddha ***1/2 had peaks and lows – parts that kept me really fixed and others that felt like it was just rambling. Overall though, his insight into characters was funny and it really made me want to hitchhike Japan! well just hitchhike in general. the book is great for my current trip … Read More


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I’m sitting in Breach Candy Hospital – the Lonely Planet lists this as the ‘best hospital in Mumbai, perhaps even all of India’… pretty decrepit if you ask me. anyway, I got here at 4:30 in the afternoon and went straight to the Emergency room – the entrance goes directly into the room with beds … Read More


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Nizams Hyderabad is full of them! everywhere you look there is a stall or shop selling bangles – I bought a bunch of them and prob got robbed blind but i had just gone to the Mecca Masjid so figured that karma was on my side. This was the first mosque I’ve gone to in … Read More

Web2.0 needs to be easier

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I, like others, am a little concerned with the Google-fan ideology that anything Google touches must be better, but not enough to push me to summarily choose Yahoo instead. About a week back, Fred Wilson blogged about the how Yahoo seems to try harder. I agree with him in this and in the view that … Read More

trains and cell phones

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I got on my first train ride today (last-night) – three-tier sleeper. not that bad actually. There are 8-beds per cabin – two sets of 3-tier bunks on one side of the cabin and a two-tier bunk on the other side – but no doors and the walkway runs through the center of the cabin, … Read More

Gandhi saves the trip!

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GandhiAshesPune Everything I read described Pune as being the cleaner, milder, summer retreat city for Bombay (Mumbai) – but i was kinda disappointed. the city seemed just as polluted, the hotels just as expensive (for worse quality), and the traffic just as congested. First night was at Hotel Ritz – not quite on the same … Read More

Book Review: Transmission by Hari Kunzru

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made me laugh a lot – maybe it is because I have been to each of the cities described in the book and that I could get the humour about each of them. kinda like six-degrees of separation crossing continents and cultures – it’s about four characters that seem unconnected struggling to fulfill their dreams. … Read More

belated Happy New Year

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ok ok – i know i haven’t emailed since leaving for india and many of you have been emailing to find out where i am (i am assuming it was because of concern…) – so first, yup, i’m ok. and second, sorry for not replying directly. what can i say, i’m lazy… 🙂 anyway, after … Read More

Hippie central

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Just got back from Goa – i think there should be some sort of lawsuit against speedo for selling suits to people who should not be wearing them… first nite we were in north Goa in Calangute – wow, what a difference from the last time i came.  the last time i came was in Feb … Read More

Indian Big Mac

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I finally caved and went to McDonald’s… amazing! i think in most McDonald’s they have specific machines to help make their food, in India, i’m sure they have a ‘Ma’ in the back making the food. The me…