Liar, liar pants on fire…

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This is too funny.. some company in the UK claims that that Brits are a bunch of liars… explains why everything is so difficult over there. Everyone knows that everyone else is lying! Here’s an article at the Register about it. Not so sure how valid the ‘conning a security guard’ part is… does figuring … Read More

Flickr functions I’d like

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I’ve been sorting out my pics on Flickr and am actually getting a bit frustrated. Flickr hasn’t made many updates to the organizing tools for a while. Sure, the real value in Flickr is in th social connections but there are few functions which I’d like to see. First – i’d like more control over … Read More

Google Base Returns

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Google Base – what’s it good for? I’m interested to hear what others think. it seems way too basic of a service – felt like i was back in 1995 and using Yahoo. By now it’s quite obvious that Google is becoming a portal but while some services are Web2.0, Google Base seems way too … Read More

Sony knows customer usability but not service

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So I finally got my Sony Vaio back from Sony Repairs – wow whatta pulava that was. It turned out that the Harddrive had failed, but Sony did their best to try to ensure that I couldn’t get it replaced under warranty. I first took it to the Sony Style store where I had purchased … Read More

Mechanical Turk can’t solve everything

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I like it when I see Web 1.0 companies rollout new and innovative services. Last week, Amazon launched a new service, Mechanical Turk. According to their about pages, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk ‘solves the problem of building applications that have not worked well because they lack human intelligence’ – all those nay sayers of computers must … Read More

It has begun

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I’ve received 12 spam comments today. Each for either home loans or debt consolidation services. Perhaps the solution is not to prevent the spam, but to educate the fools who actually use the services flogged through spam. If people didn’t use the services, the value of spam would decrease… I still want to know who … Read More

Green Papaya – four stars

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Found another great restaurant – Green Papaya at 2401 Yonge Street. Although the Yonge and Eglington area is dying out lately, this restaurant is worth venturing to. The look of the place is pretty cool – minimalistic but still upscale – has a mixed aged crowd with a lot of eye-candy, and with a bit … Read More

Mapping wars heating up

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It’s like 1999 all over again but the players have changed. Yahoo just upped the ante and announced upgrades to their mapping service.

Google nearly killed my friend!

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So I had a friend coming over to visit yesterday, and I had sent my address to her over email. Fortunately, I decided to go one step further and look up the driving directions for her using Google maps as well. Well, to my dismay, the directions given would have directed her down a one-way … Read More