VIA Wi-fi

i’m currently using the wi-fi access on board a VIA train ride from montreal to toronto. While I don’t have a connection good enough to stream videos as Stuart MacDonald did during his train ride , it’s pretty impressive nonetheless. No real problem downloading larger files, the streaming doesn’t work simply because there are dead spots every so often, but when the connection is there, it’s actually pretty strong – unfortunately, I don’t have any software to measure bandwidth installed on this laptop, so I can’t verify the exact connection speed.

Right now i’m downloading the pdfs of the chapters that never got around to finish reading (i’ll have to post about that tomorrow…)

Back to the wi-fi connection – the price is crazy cheap too – only $8.95 for 24hours – I bought the access yesterday on my way up to mtl and still using the same credit for my return. You can’t beat that!

Maybe VIA can help One-Zone to improve their service – it still sucks nearly everywhere that I’ve tried it.

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