Book Review: Shooting Kabul 3***

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Shooting Kabul by N.H. Senzai My rating: 3 of 5 stars A great book for elementary or jr. High. I liked how I could picture the settings of Kabul and the San Francisco Bay Area in my mind. Its an endearing story that anyone from an immigrant family or community would relate to. View all … Read More

Fat with a pH

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‘You’re in crisis!’ – that’s what my doctor told me… No excuses anymore I have to make changes to my diet, lifestyle, and priorities. Maybe not to the same extent but I could relate to Jeff Garlin’s book: My Footprint – in his struggles with weight. It seems like I’ve always been combating weight too.  … Read More

Top songs of the Naughts…

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So as many of my friends know, I don’t really make my goals for the year until Navroz (March 21) of each year, and this year was a bit weird because the decade came to an end earlier, but I still decided to put out my best songs of the past decade out now instead … Read More


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760!! and a 6.0! not bad for 1 month crunching!

My third post with Windows Live Writer

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i’m trying this out again and adjusting the date to see what happens. I’m setting the date for 5 days earlier – Dec 5 at 12:02pm.  another gripe i got with Live Writer though, is how long it takes to start up.  almost as much as starting up Word. 

open your stomach and your heart will follow

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as most of my friends know, i’m a glutton for food… I love trying new foods, going to new restaurants, and sampling new cuisines .. and i don’t mean to sample by foraying into the ‘hip and trendy, IT spot for this month’ type restaurants, but restaurants that…