Land mine riddled food…

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the cause was great, the setting interesting, the food, well left you eyeing the door… to the exit or the bathroom, whichever was closer. if this is the food that people who are not living with landmines and poverty have to endure, you really have to feel for those who are still living in cambodia … Read More

Lord of the Rings Review

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Wow! what a show! I had the chance to go to the opening of the Lord of the Rings theatre show yesterday in Toronto – unbelievable! This has got to be the best show that I have seen by far – (before this, my favourite was the London version of The Producers). The whole evening … Read More

Culture shock…

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i’m sitting at heathrow, about to get on a flight back to Toronto – a bit surreal. a few days ago i was in a land of squat toilets (i still don’t understand how you’re supposed to use these), Bisleri water, bucket showers, rooftop beds, and daredevil rickshaw drivers – and now i’m in London … Read More

Forget Goa!

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Diu is way better! definitely the next hot spot – was an old portuguese place like goa but it doesn’t have the crazy hippie crowd. On day one, I went to Georges – he has a hotel connected to the back of the St. Thomas Church – for a 100 rupees, you get unlimited bbq … Read More

Guju land

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To get between some of the cities, its quicker to take a bus rather than a train. But after taking the buses in Rajasthan though, I was a little worried and wasn’t in the mood to fight with three other guys to get a bed. but guju land has got this covered too… the sleeper … Read More

Kuutchi Kuutchi Coo…

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so this is maybe a bit morbid to say, but I think that maybe the rest of India needs a few minor (non-fatal) earthquakes… Kuutch and Gujarat in general, is super developed and parts actually look like it could be parts of California or Europe. check how developed the roads are. Great infrasture – they’ve … Read More


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What is there to do here?? This is the first stop that everyone has to do to go to train into Gujarat or to go from Rasasthan to Bombay – no wonder no stays to see the rest of Gujarat. I’ve been here since 6 am this morning and I’m bored out of my mind… … Read More